East Otto Country Associates

30th  Annual Holiday Open House


East Otto Country Associates will celebrate their 30th  Annual Holiday Open House  this year on Saturday and Sunday, November 5th and 6th.  Member businesses Brookside Studio Watercolors and Hog-Shed Studio Pottery are joining together to make this a special event.  


At Brookside Studio Watercolors artist Robin Zefers Clark has added oil paintings to her fine selection of water color paintings.  The oil paintings are the result of Robins “Thirty Paintings in Thirty Days” challenge.  Robin took on this challenge to give her a new goal and fresh inspiration.  “It was made a little more challenging because I chose to address the challenge in oils, which is a departure from ny usual watercolors,” Robin said, “but the results are some wonderful, 6” by 8” oil paintings that are both beautiful and affordable.  


Do you have a photo of your home that you have always wanted to enjoy as a painting?  In her studio on the Otto-Maples road, Robin offers this service in watercolors, as well as her Limited Edition prints and reproductions,  and  “Grandcestor” Portraits.  To learn more about Brookside Studio Watercolors go to www.brooksidestudio.com or www.eastotto.com


Just down the road Elliott and Michael Hutten of Hog-Shed Studio Pottery have been producing hand made stoneware pottery for the last 34 years.  At Hog-Shed Studio Pottery you can find the perfect gift for Christmas or any other occasion.  Choose from handmade bowls, mugs, casseroles, vases, sculptures, paintings in clay, and many other creations.  As in years past, Elliott has made a new “litter” of piggy banks just for the Holiday Open House.  Elliott will also offer candle sticks and specially made 2016 Holiday Ornaments to grace your Christmas tree or home décor.


Also available at Hog-Shed Studio Pottery is a selection of Wood Fired Pottery.  “I think that the Wood Fired Pottery adds an exciting new dimension to our work,” says Elliott. “The effects of wood firing on the surfaces of our pottery are unpredictable and unique to each piece.  Wood fired pottery has a wonderful, earthy character that can’t be achieved in any other way.”

 Go to www.myhogshedstudiopottery.com for more information about Hog-Shed Studio Pottery.


The East Otto Country Holiday Open House will take place on Saturday and Sunday, November 5th and 6th from 10 AM to 5 PM. For a map and directions, see our web site at:  www.eastotto.com or call 716-257-9549.