Handmade Stoneware Pottery

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RAKU  pots begin life like any other pot, being thrown or hand built and then bisque fired to about 1400 degrees F.  They are then glazed and dried.  The next step is a warming oven to reduce the shock of being placed into a kiln that is already hot.  Here you can see the pots being loaded from the warming kiln on the right into the raku kiln on the left.  In the raku kiln the pots are heated to a temperature of about 1800 F.

The raku pots are then cooled and cleaned to remove the excess carbon deposits.  This stage is where the pots first begin to reveal the changes that we have  created by using the raku process.

Copper Pot Page

At last we reach the finished product!  We can achieve bright copper colors, dramatic contrasts of black and white, and all sorts of beautiful gradations of color!  Click on the images below to see larger pictures of our RAKU  pottery!

Squat Pot Page
Susan's Pot Page
Three Raku Pots